"Maya2LW[2]: it's everywhere you can imagine!"

this the home of Maya2LW[2], the first version originally authored by Markus Weiland.

Maya2LW is a set of MEL and LScripts designed to bridge the data gap between Maya and LightWave3D. the thesis of the project is a pre-defined workflow, which is to model in LightWave, animate in Maya, texture, light and render back in LightWave. development will concentrate on these steps. of course, one may model in Maya, but that is not the vision of the project.

Maya2LW[2] is offered under the terms of the GNU General Public License.





current rev: 2.2.1
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contains practically everything, including notes. old versions of the scripts are also found inside.  
Maya2LW[2] Documentation.zip Maya2LW[2] formal documentation  

if you have ideas or want to contribute to this project, you may contact me at faulknermanoATyahoo.com

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